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Reference: USE 900 X
Suggested price: 329 Euros (with its box).
Useful power: 450 W
Number of empty races: 0 - 2800 min.
Speed ​​variator: by trigger action
Race: 19 mm
Length of the power cable: 4 m
Perimeter of the handle: 13 mm
Weight (excluding electric cable): 2.9 kg
Equipment: delivered in a plastic case, with two blades and an Allen key for adjusting the caliper
This information was first published on System D magazine in 2004: products and prices may have changed since then.


Handling: The rear handle ensures a good grip and the front is fully covered with a non-slip coating. The ergonomics allows to work indifferently right-handed or left-handed.

Use: The cutting capacities, interesting, are 245 mm in softwood, 135 mm in steel and 235 mm in aluminum. The trigger, very progressive, can attack the cup slowly to bite the material. We can then press more frankly, without risk of getting out of the cut line. The helping hand boils down to actually keep the skate plated to avoid jolts.

Noise level: between 92 and 105 dB (A) depending on the sawn material. As often, wearing ear buds is recommended to protect the eardrums.

Notice: rather basic, but the tool does not require many explanations.

2 years warranty.


  • Excellent handling of the assembly and blade change system without tools very easy to handle.
  • The power reserve of 900 W is enough to cope with thick sawn timber.
  • The front shoe is particularly robust and its four clamping points prevent it from going out of order.
  • Accessible carbons by simply unscrewing two plugs, perfect for any interviews.


  • If the trigger allows a good progressivity, its spring a little too firm ends up tired.


Particularly comfortable in the cutting of lumber, the machine has been a formidable efficiency on the metal, when testing with old heating pipes. Forget the hours to sweat with a hacksaw! The blade change is a model of simplicity and the pad (sensitive point of this type of machine) seems solid and well designed. The plunging cut in full panel however requires a little control, because it is necessary to hold the saw firmly and well block the pad against the support. Price side, the tool requires regular use to be depreciated in a reasonable time.

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