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All about the tank to be buried and its installation with the tips.

cutting diagram of a tank to be buried

Before installing the tank, check the nature of the ground and the height of the water table. The tank can be immersed in half, but not more (in the case of unstable soil, it can be placed on a concrete base 10 cm thick).
It must be located at least 1 m from any building and out of reach of tree roots. It must also be less than 10 m from the pump. And if it is buried under a passage of vehicles, a suitable model must be chosen.

Connection of a rainwater collection tank to the sanitary supply

Recover rainwater: install a buried tank: tank

1 Connection to the gutter
2 Evacuation of the overflow to the sewer
3 Recovery tank
4 Pump / Disconnector
5 City water supply
6 Garden faucet power
7 Power supply to the washing machine and toilets.

Installation of the underground tank

install the water recovery tank in the dug pit

  • Dig the pit to the dimensions of the tank.
  • To facilitate its installation, provide at least 10 cm more around.

cover the bottom of the pit with gravel

  • To stabilize the whole, the bottom of the pit is covered with a bed of gravel 20 cm thick and a bed of sand 10 cm.

place the tank in the pit using the ropes

  • To put the tank in place, down to the bottom of the pit with the help of two ropes slid on both sides of the tank.

filling the tank to ensure its stability

  • Fill the tank with water up to 1/3 before backfilling in successive layers of 30 cm of soil and gravel compacted without excess.

connect the pump and the tank with a fitting

  • Connect the tank to the pump, overflow and gutter.
  • PER service lines are laid in trenches.

close the bowl and adjust the lid at grass level

  • A telescopic extension allows to adjust the look of the tank so that it is just in the grass.

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