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Until then, the wooden pallets were only for the transport of goods, but some had the good idea to make all kinds of objects and furniture. And why not recycle wooden pallets to make an eco-friendly Christmas decoration!

Recycle wooden pallets to make a Christmas decoration

Recycle wooden pallets to make a Christmas decoration

Where can I get pallets?

They are available in major DIY stores of course, but the good plan is to find them for free. For that, it is enough to be a little attentive and to circulate in the good place. It happens that we find at the corner of a street, but do not dream!

Sometimes you have to force things a bit by going directly to the car parks behind the companies that need to be delivered. bulky goods, like construction companies or supermarkets. As a last resort, you can also visit a garbage dump and try his luck.

How to prepare them to make Christmas decorations?

Damaged, dirty and dusty with splinters, nails, screws and staples everywhere, pallets often need a little "beauty" before being used. After having removed with a clamp all that exceeds and which can hurt, it will be necessary sand the pallets carefully. According to the needs and the use that one wants to make, one can dismantle it to have slats of wood easier to handle. It only remains to treat them according to whether the wooden pallet is intended for indoor or outdoor use, then apply a varnish or coat of paint.

Making a wooden Christmas tree

The raw material is there, it only remains to make his Christmas tree. We can use the entire palette by cutting out the shape of a fir or by painting its shape with a stencil for example. Another technique: use the cut palette to form a main trunk. It is then sufficient to nail the branches by cutting the slats larger and larger by going down. Hang Christmas balls, colorful garlands and you're done!

Other Christmas decor ideas with palettes...

You have found pallets! So here are some ideas... Do it painted coffee tables the Christmas colors to receive your friends. In the same spirit, build flower boxes where you can install small firs or plants. Your walls seem too bare for a party night! So, make small shelves from the slats of pallets that will be perfect supports for putting Christmas ballsl, tealight or light garlands that will bring a warm atmosphere. To you to create now...

Recycle wooden pallets to make a Christmas decoration, it's not stupid and it's more economical!

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