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Discover in this article how to make decoration or furniture with recovered pallets.

Recover ': objects to be made with wooden pallets / - jess311

Salvage of unused items is a great way to remodel your interior at a lower cost. Have you ever noticed the pallets abandoned by the stores for example? With a little DIY, they can be transformed into beautiful accessories!

Abandoned pallets are only an assembly of planks. Dismantled and personalized, it is easy to make beautiful decorative elements or furniture. Discover in this article our advice to change your interior with recycling.

Furniture for the house

With a few pallets, you can make a headboard. This does not require a lot of work but especially a great imagination. Before attaching your pallets to the wall at the back of your bed, repaint them in the shade you like. For the most daring, there are sequined, bright, fluorescent paintings... Feel free to decorate your headboard with a light garland to create a warm atmosphere. Another classic furniture recovery is the shelf: very simple to make, you can even make several with a single palette. For a discreet look, you can paint it in the same color as your wall, it will highlight the objects placed on it. For the more handymen, do not hesitate to embark on the realization of a coffee table, a shoe cabinet or a library...

Use the recycle in the garden

With a few boards and some nails, you will easily make a chest. Depending on the size of the final object, you can easily store tools, cushions or towels for pool owners... For the vegetable garden and plantations, you can also use pallets of recovery. Install the thin planks of wood between your different vegetables to delimit your plantations. You can also use them as a fence to prevent children from walking on your future vegetables. For budding florists, why not create flower boxes in pallets? Repainted with resistant paint, they are completely customizable and will correspond exactly to your tastes!

Some decorating ideas

For DIY enthusiasts, the pallets of recovery will quickly turn into pretty decoration for the house. For example, you can easily make a painting: a board of wood, a little painting... To you the original decor! In addition, this activity can be done with children, who will be delighted to paint. If you do not want to hang your photos or postcards directly on the wall, the pallets of recovery can also make a good support.

The pallets recovered at the back of the stores will not cost you anything, so it's the ideal way to have a deco and an original furniture at lower cost.

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