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Make a joint between two tiles

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Necessary tools:

A grouting compound.
A damp cloth.
A painter's knife.
A little spoon.

Sometimes tile joints in a kitchen or bathroom age badly. Dirt accumulates and subsequent stripping eventually digs the joints. This vicious circle is accelerating with the deterioration of joints. One solution in this case: redo them!

Make a joint between two tiles: seal

Step 1: Remove the seal or the remains of the seal.

To do this, use your painter's knife to scrape off the damaged material until you have a cavity with white edges: the color of the healthy material.

Make a joint between two tiles: seal

Once this step is complete, vacuum the generated debris with a vacuum cleaner to remove all traces of dust, to have a clean surface.

Step 2: set up the new seal.

If your coating is in the form of a powder, start by preparing a small amount by mixing it with water. Deposit on the cavities to fill a generous layer of this coating and make penetrate it by spreading it on the surface with the finger so as to obtain a coarse seal, like here:

Make a joint between two tiles: tiles

Step 3: Shape the joint.

Then take a spoon and use its rounded back to smooth the joint. This will allow you to effortlessly obtain a concave shaped joint. Position at the beginning of the joint to be shaped and proceed by moving the spoon backwards. Maintain equal pressure and shape it accordingly to the desired effect.

Make a joint between two tiles: tiles

During this step, the excess plaster will be pushed back on the outer edges. Use the blade of the painter's knife to remove the largest without altering the joint you just made. Then let it dry.

Step 3: cleaning and finishing.

When the joint is dry, wipe a damp cloth over the burrs that are smearing the surface of the ceramics surrounding your new joint. The job is done.

Make a joint between two tiles: joint

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