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Renewable energy, lighting methods, appliances: a number of measures can reduce its consumption of water and electricity. If you just bought, it's the right time to equip you!

As energy bills continue to rise, it becomes essential to make your house as passive as possible. Indeed, this concept is based on a new management of energy, which allows to heat simply with the heat emitted inside the building as well as that brought by the outside. A system that relies on reducing heat loss.

Reflect on energy from the design of your home

Reducing the energy consumption of a new home requires the installation of devices and equipment at different levels of the building, some of which are to be installed from the moment of construction. This is particularly the case of insulation, waterproofing and ventilation that are reflected from the design of the project. The insulation for example must be in accordance with the RT 2012. So you have to choose a builder, such as Maisons Pierre, which guarantees this compliance.

Similarly, the arrangement of rooms must be made according to the orientation of the sun, so that the living room and the kitchen enjoy a constant sunshine throughout the day.

The installation of solar panels, photovoltaic panels and a wind turbine can then cover a large part of the hot water and electricity needs of the house.

An economical interior design

At the time of installation, the choice of home appliances is not trivial. Indeed, some devices, like the refrigerator, are more energy intensive than others. Therefore, when buying a washing machine, a fridge or a dishwasher, it is advisable to opt for class A, A +, A ++ or even A +++ models which ensure an energy saving of almost 60%, compared to traditional appliances.

Lighting also includes: LEDs, low consumption lamps, daylight optimization and timer switches also reduce the cost of electricity consumption.

To further reduce the rating, devices must be turned off after use rather than on standby. Pausing TVs, game consoles, chargers, players and other computers costs dozens of euros per year! And we do not even mention here, the ecological impact of these devices when they are only put on standby.

Finally, to save water, the installation of thermostatic mixers, water-saving foamers or showerheads saving on faucets will complete a use of sustainable water. Of course, you do not need to let the water run down or use it to wash your car when it does not need drinking water to rut!

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