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My fuel consumption for heating and hot water is about 3500 liters / year. The house is 90 square meters on the ground with a floor is 180 square meters. The ceiling height is 2.80m on the ground floor and 2.90m upstairs. We are equipped with a low consumption boiler dating from 2004. We want to lower our energy bill and after several studies we do not know which heating system to adopt. In advance, thank you for your answer.
ps: we are five in the house (2 adults, 3 children)

Before thinking about any heating system you should have a heat balance of your home and start isolating it, starting with the roof and the walls. Replace your windows with double glazed models, which will allow you to gain comfort while avoiding heat losses.
A bunch of works will allow you to benefit from non-negligible tax credits. Inquire with the ANAH, because a bonus of 1350 € (September 2013) is also planned for the most modest households to help them to carry out some kind of work.

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