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Can you explain VAT on building land? I myself am faced with this problem because the municipality, where I want to buy a building plot (that he sells), do not even know if the price of the land will not be increased by 19.6%. I am stuck by them and I absolutely need the transfer certificate or sales agreement to unlock my loan from the bank before the end of June to claim the doubling of the PTZ

The sales agreement is the document by which the seller and the buyer agree to buy and sell an identified good for a fixed price that can not be changed. It is a firm and definitive commitment between the two parties.

The sale price of the land including all taxes must be clearly mentioned in the sales agreement that is to say including the amount of VAT. The notary fees will be extra. Visit the NOTAIRES DE FRANCE website, a page explaining HOW TO GET REDUCED NOTARY EXPENSES is available.

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