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The acceptance of the works is an important step which makes it possible to note the completion of the works, their good execution and their conformity. If you feel that the builder has not respected its commitments, you have the option to refuse the reception of the work and to initiate a procedure to oblige him to repair the various damages.

In which case refuse the reception of the works?

To refuse to accept the work and to make reservations are two very different things. In the first case, you reject the entire bookin the second, you accept it while pointing out the apparent defects. You can refuse the reception of the works if the works which were envisaged in the specifications are not not executed, are nonconforming or if you notice too much imperfections. By refusing the acceptance of the work, you indicate to the builder that you consider that the work is not completed and that it must repair the imperfections found.

Refusal to accept the work: the procedure to follow

To refuse the reception of the works, you must, during the reception visit, indicate explicitly your refusal in the minutes and send it to your property and casualty insurance. Then you agree with the manufacturer to agree a new date of receipt to allow him time to complete the work. In the case of a friendly procedurehe will agree to fix the defects as soon as possible.
However, he can also be recalcitrant and refuse to set a new date. In this case, you will have to choose the judicial way and go to the tribunal de grande instance to request the completion of the work on call, ie with penalties per day late. To force the builder to complete the work, you have the opportunity to record a portion of the outstanding price.

Good to know

To avoid any unpleasant surprises, never pay for all the work before the reception. You will have a good way of pressure to force the manufacturer to respect its commitments. Engaging a project manager is also an interesting solution as it will be responsible for checking the conformity of the works throughout the construction period. Finally, be aware that any refusal to accept the work must be justified. If the refusal is abusive, the builder can also turn against you and put you on notice to accept the work.

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