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Exceptional living room that gives character to the house, the veranda must receive regular maintenance to maintain all its aesthetics and not spoil more than measure over time. Products, materials, gestures to be made, DuitDesign gives you all its advice for an optimal and successful cleaning of your veranda.

The frequency of maintenance of a veranda

In general, the maintenance of a veranda must be carried out approximately twice a year.

Nevertheless, its frequency of cleaning depends on each residential area and its weather conditions.

Thus, it will be necessary to operate more often, four times a year or more, for verandas installed in houses by the sea for example, and as soon as possible in case of snow.

Products and materials for the maintenance of a veranda

The cleaning of a veranda is done through three big steps.

The first aims to soap each surface (glazing, frame, joint...) with a sponge, with warm water in which you will have previously poured a dishwashing liquid type product. Regarding the rails, dirt that can creep in, such as pebbles, must be removed with a vacuum cleaner, using a special tip.
The second step is then rinse with a garden hose for example. Finally, it is advisable to wipe the surfaces with a rag, especially to avoid drying marks.

In all cases, detergent products and abrasive materials, which may cause scratching, are to be avoided.

Finally, it is also possible to realize a brief rinse its porch more regularly, using a jet of water.

The maintenance of a veranda according to the materials

Nevertheless, if the overall maintenance is carried out by a simple cleaning with soapy water, some veranda structures require specific care according to their material.

In fact, like glazing, aluminum or PVC elements, wood and wrought iron must be protected every two years by means of a special coating. It is a stain for the wood to feed it, and a varnish for the wrought iron to him avoid the risk of rust. In any case, it is best to proceed when the outside temperature is around 20 degrees.

The maintenance of a veranda by a professional

Finally, it is strongly recommended, for a further maintenance of the veranda, to call a professional. This one will be able to control among other things the general state of your construction, like the waterproofing and the roof for example, then to carry out all the necessary works.

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