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Grilled meats, kebabs and barbecues with friends tend to succeed each other on sunny days. However, be aware that there are certain regulations regarding barbecues on terraces and balconies. Municipal bylaw, internal rules of co-ownership... do not hesitate to inquire.

Rules for barbecues on terraces and balconies

Rules for barbecues on terraces and balconies

Barbecue on the terrace of a house: municipal by-laws

Even if you live in a house, think about the regulations governing the use of barbecues in your municipality. Useful information that you can take from the town hall.

  • The use of a barbecue on the terrace of a house may be the subject of a municipal by-law specific.
  • Provisions that are generally aimed at limit the risk of fires during the annual periods of very high heat and drought.

To note: a prior declaration in town hall is anyway mandatory if you have a hard barbecue built whose dimensions are greater than 5m ².

Barbecue on the balcony and condominium regulations

If you live in a condominium (building or house copro), refer to its rules before lighting the barbecue on your balcony or terrace
In fact, the by-laws of co-ownerships generally include a clause limiting the use of barbecues or prohibiting them altogether.

  • As a rule, only electrical appliances are allowed on the balconies of the buildings.
  • The clause may also specify certain hours limiting the use of barbecues in condominiums.

To note: any prohibition without valid justification contravenes the fundamental rights of the inhabitants of the co-ownership and can therefore be refuted by them.

The neighbor's barbecue causes significant nuisances, what to do?

Whatever the rules of procedure say, we are all subject to the same rules of mutual respect. Thus, an abundant smoke resulting from an abuse of the barbecue is a violation of these rules of good neighborliness.

  • In case of embarrassment, a tenant is entitled to complain to its owner.
  • Use the service of a mediator is also possible. A generally effective remedy that can find an amicable solution between the two parties through the intervention of an expert.

To noteIn case of failure of the mediation, the eviction of the refractory tenant can be considered by the owner.

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