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The habitable attic is a boon if one wishes to rehabilitate the space and gain in living space. Thus, we can turn the attic into a bedroom, bathroom, office... or even define several rooms by partitioning the space. Rehabilitating the attic is an approach that requires, however, the organization and talents of building professionals.

Rehabilitate the attic: check the roof and the frame

  • The roof

First of all redevelopment of the attic, the roof must be diagnosed. A roofer will have to check the state of the tiles (or slates) to make sure they are neither porous nor broken. It may also be necessary to apply a defoaming treatment to the roof.

  • Framing

The frame guarantees the stability of the house. Here we must ensure that it does not limit the restoration of the attic.

Attic insulation and floor leveling

  • insulation

The greatest heat loss is through the roof. The thermal insulation of the attics is therefore essential. If the insulation from the outside is done during a total reconstruction of the roof, it is also possible to isolate the attic from the inside.

  • Upgraded soils

The old floor of the attic may have deteriorated over time. In this case, rehabilitating the space also involves soil restoration.

Rehabilitate the attic: stairs and natural lighting

  • The staircase

In order to reach the attic, it is necessary to have a staircase installed. Its location (devolved to a minimum ceiling height) is the first thing to define, even before its shape, its material, its colors, etc.

  • Natural lighting

Unused roof spaces do not generally benefit from openings. The installation of well insulated windows intervenes then.
The possible window solutions here:

- skylight
- pinion opening
- Roof window.

Restored and rehabilitated attics: electricity and plumbing

  • electricity

Heating and lighting attics require an electrical connection set up by a professional. The use that is made of the attic here determines the number of plugs and installations necessary for their power supply.

  • Plumbing

If the attic is intended to accommodate a body of water, the intervention of a plumber is necessary. The most practical solution here is to match the new sanitary with those installed on the lower floor.

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