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Whether you want to refresh, renovate or refit, every room in the house can be rehabilitated. Each, however, is subject to certain constraints and standards specific to its functions.

Rehabilitate the rooms of a house

Rehabilitate the rooms of a house

Redo the kitchen of your home

The evacuation and feeding systems of the kitchen are numerous and must be moved as little as possible.

The restoration must follow an equitable triangulation between the three operating points of the kitchen:

  • baking
  • cold food preservation
  • work plan and hygiene

Restore the bathroom

The bathroom and the kitchen are ideally kept for the end of the renovation project, because subject to major upgrades (electricity and plumbing)

The space must be well thought out:

  • lighting
  • provision of the supply and evacuation networks
  • sanitary provision according to space and networks

Renovate the attic of a house

The attic of a house may be subject to a thermal renovation and / or development (if it is habitable attic).

In this second case, they can be rehabilitated as bedroom, bathroom, office, etc.

Each development is subject to its own implementation constraints.

Rehabilitating the cellar of a dwelling

Transforming the cellar or basement of a house into a living room is quite possible.

The main constraint here is to reduce the ambient humidity by:

  • improved ventilation
  • improvement of wall and floor insulation
  • improving the tightness of space

Retype the garage of a home

The restoration of a garage apprehends in its entirety for a space "multifunction":

  • space to park a car
  • storage space
  • DIY space.

It is also possible to use as extension of the house (bedroom, bathroom, office, etc.) Insulation, connection to networks, etc. will then be necessary.

Refresh the rooms to live

Extension, insulation, change of decor, regularly intervene in the bedrooms, living room and dining room. The restoration of these spaces is nevertheless subject to fewer constraints than the other rooms.

It is recommended to begin the renovation of a house by the rooms located on the ground floor and to prioritize those subject to an extension.

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