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30% of heat losses pass through the roof when it is not insulated!
More efficient insulation can be achieved by performing a new chevron on intermediate failures, so as to accommodate between it and the existing chevron one or more layers of glass wool. The assembly is then covered with Placoplatre® BA 13 gypsum board.

Reinforced insulation under double chevron

Necessary material

  • Handsaw
  • Metre
  • Hammer
  • Screwdriver
  • Trowel
  • Cutter
  • rafters
  • nails

Nail the rafters on the intermediate breakdowns

Nail the rafters on the intermediate breakdowns

1. Begin by measuring the total height of the pan under the roof, to determine the length of the new rafters. The section of these woods can be quite small (here 4 x 4 cm) because they will not have much weight to bear. If the rafters are not sufficiently long enough to go from one piece to the ridge tip, connect the two-piece rafters to the intermediate fault (s).

Reinforced insulation under double chevron: double

2. Nail the new rafters securely to the intermediate and ridge tip. Use good herringbone nails so that the wood does not tear.

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Reinforced insulation under double chevron: chevron

3. Mark the location of the next rafter on the intermediate fault (s). The spacing does not correspond to the width of a roll of glass wool, but to the average distance to support the semi-rigid panel that will be slid.

Reinforced insulation under double chevron: insulation

4. The foot of each new chevron must also be securely fastened. Depending on the layout of the roof (and especially the thickness of the failure), it will be directly sealed in the wall or attached to the edge board that crowns the wall supporting the roof. It can be just nailed there, but it is better to notch the board and make a light plaster seal.

Install glass wool and drywall

Install glass wool and drywall

1. There is no strict rule for the arrangement of glass wool panels. Strive to choose the most economical, that is to say the one that allows to use the least amount of panels and rafters. The horizontal layout is often the best. The first layer is composed of bare panels, that is to say without vapor barrier. The second layer, on the other hand, is composed of panels of the same nature, but this time with vapor barrier, always turned towards the attic.

Reinforced insulation under double chevron: double

2.Plasterboard is a material offering excellent ease of implementation / quality of finish. In this case, it is fixed on each chevron by means of countersunk head screws.

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