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Hollow hour relay: connection diagram

A contactor day night (or off-peak hours) allows to control the supply circuit an electric storage hot water tank (commonly called "cumulus") according to a time selection determined by the energy supplier, via a "control contact" (decoupling relay or distributor remote control) or via a clock. In this way, it is possible to operate a device such as the water heater during certain hours (in principle of the night), when the cost of electricity is cheaper. The water is heated at night for daytime use. In night mode the water heater is powered; in "day" mode it is no longer. Hence the interest of connecting a contactor day night. In fact, given the price changes of energy distributors, the distinction "day night" does not really make sense, the "hollow" hours are not necessarily nocturnal. Hence the name of off-peak contactor.

How does a off-peak switch work?

The relay "let pass" the current when it receives the order and the cut of the same. The process is done automatically, but manual intervention is still possible via the button on the front of the device, which is itself switchboard on a rail of it. We can therefore cut off the power supply of the water heater, for example when we leave the house for the holidays or, on the other hand, put it in "forced on" off periods of off-peak hours if, for example, all the hot water was consumed in the morning and we want to get it again in the afternoon or in the evening.

Wiring principle of a day-night switch (or off-peak relay)

Beyond the servo contact of the distributor, the installation includes two breakers and the contactor itself:
- a 2 A circuit breaker protects the control contact;
- a 20 A circuit breaker protects the contactor.
There is, upstream, a differential switch 40 A / 30mA.
The diagram of the Legrand night-time contactor corresponds to this connection.



(photos / visuals: © Legrand, except special mention)

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