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Moving: tips for moving easy and quiet

Changing housing is accompanied by many formalities and, quite often, a lot of stress. However, some tips allow you to move with ease. From the art of making the cards to choosing a suitable vehicle, the point on the move.

Make a list of things to do

A move is not decided overnight. It is therefore quite possible to anticipate, no offense to those who postpone everything. Start by listing all the things to do in reverse chronological order as a back-planning. The term of cancellation of the lease is usually 3 months, a good starting point. Start quotations at this time to the moving companies and cardboard collection. You can then store what you will not need before moving (ski equipment if spring is here, light business in autumn...). 1 month before departure, tell the internet service provider and, if you plan to make the move yourself, recruit the volunteer friends. Termination of electricity, gas and water contracts may be made 15 days later. Make your change of postal address with the Post Office and notify all organizations. It will be time to prepare your business.

Sort, tidy, eliminate

Start by getting rid of unnecessary things. Old files, newspapers, unworn clothes... eliminate as much as possible. Ask how long you have not used them and set an "expiry" date. In recent years, recovery websites have multiplied. Charities or recycling companies, give as much as you can. This sorting can also be an opportunity to sell objects or furniture. If you have the time and the opportunity, participate in flea markets or organize a garage sale at home. This will save you from having to carry around with all your belongings. Small ads and auction sites make it easy to manage everything from home.
In the kitchen too, it's time to empty. Stop the race full and do with what you have: your closets and your freezer undoubtedly contain many forgotten secrets. Some fresh fruits and vegetables to accompany everything and you are the king of economical cooking. Essential step, this sort allows to see more clearly to attack the cartons serenely and to reduce the congestion as well at the beginning as at the arrival.

Clean up

Clean up

How long have you been washing all the cupboards? Leached the curtains? A move is also a great opportunity to make a great move, both at the start and at the finish. Before leaving your home it is up to you to put it back in the state. Take the opportunity to tackle the furniture: do not bother carrying the dust with you. This is also the time to thoroughly clean all equipment. Pyrolysis for the oven, defrosting the fridge, emptying the washing machine... In addition to cleaning your house early, you'll be protected from puddles on the stairs and the risk of slipping. If you have the possibility, take care also to clean your future home. The installation will be easier and more enjoyable.

Prepare the boxes

Everything is clean and tidy, it's time to go to the boxing. Make sure you have enough boxes for all your belongings. If you pack in advance, you will be able to complete as you go. Start with the things you need the least: small household appliances, administrative records, clothing depending on the season. Proceed piece by piece. Distribute the weight according to the size of the boxes. Choose small boxes for books and heavy items and book large cartons for lighter, larger items. You will forget the turns of the kidney and the boxes that open. Wrap fragile items in newspaper or, better still, bubble wrap.
To find you easily, write the name of the piece on each box and add the details if necessary (fragile, high, low...). You can also define a color code, to distinguish the different rooms for example. Think about the configuration of the future home. One more room? Divide the business before the move to have it in the right place. Do not forget to empty the furniture for easy transport. Plan a survival kit for the first days: necessary toilets, spare clothes and basic kitchen tools.

Rent a vehicle

Unless you are an enthusiast of the purse or have a utility in your garage, the rental of a suitable vehicle is highly recommended. To estimate the volume needed, divide the area of ​​your dwelling by 2. So, for a house of 100m2, count 50m3. Calculate rather too wide than too fair, you will avoid the parts of life-size Tetris. From specialized agencies to superstores, rental companies are not lacking. New option, collaborative platforms can rent a truck or a utility at a reduced price.

The day of the move

If you hire professionals, ensure a presence in the old and new homes. Initially, check that all cartons have been removed. At the reception, help with the distribution of the boxes in the rooms. Like a conductor, direct the movers in the right direction. Also check for any damage to the unpacking. You have 10 days to report them.
If you have chosen to call friends and family or Frizbiz, organize the operations without turning yourself into a tyrannical leader. Respect the abilities of everyone and make the good mood prevail! Or anticipate and get help from movers paid by Frizbiz time, whether or not they are transported.
After the effort the comfort, let yourself a little respite before attacking the storage. Even if you did the cleaning beforehand, it will take a shot before you can store all your belongings. Give yourself a break and plan to drink and eat to thank all the brave!
Many solutions now exist to move with ease. Whether you call in professionals or take charge of all operations, a slogan: be organized.
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