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I had a professional install a stove Jotul in October 2011 to replace an open fireplace. However, when it rains, the rain infiltrates the interior and is a relatively large puddle in the living room under the stove pipe (pipe connection at the back of the stove and not on the top). The installer claims that the problem comes from the plaster of the chimney that should be redone (cost 400 €). What do you think?

It is always difficult to give an opinion without being on the spot. From what you describe, the water would seep through the duct to exit at the junction between the wall and the pipe. Several causes to this phenomenon are possible:
- the flow of rainwater through the pipe itself because of the absence of hat on the chimney stump;
- an infiltration by the chimney stump (coating or flashing), the water following the outside of the casing to finally flow at its base;
condensation in the duct itself if it is not double-skinned.
Contact Jotul directly, informing them of the problem you are having.

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