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If you want to change the decor of your kitchenette without necessarily changing, it is possible and without breaking the bank! Sometimes just a few accessories and a little imagination to gain space. And for an even more functional and trendy kitchenette, some small works are sometimes enough to create the cooking space of your dreams!

Renovate or relook a kitchenette to make it more modern

Renovate or relook a kitchenette to make it more modern

Kitchenette: what is it?

The word "kitchenette" has its origin in the English "kitchen" which means "kitchen" which is added the suffix "ette" which means "small" in French. This Anglicism appeared during the twentieth century to designate a small kitchen open on another room of the house (the living room in general). The kitchenette is very popular for small apartments where space is very limited. Formerly rather basic, the kitchen continues to inspire today manufacturers who seek the most ingenious solutions to make this space reduced space ever more practical and functional.

Accessories to make a kitchenette more functional

If you want renovate your kitchenette to make it more functional, several solutions are available to you. First, do not hesitate to equip basket drawers and compartments to order your utensils. install a folding table or retractable you will fold when the meal is over and set up your credence with a bar magnet or a bar to which you will hang various accessories. This space is not always exploited but it allows to hang some kitchen utensils, an unwinder, a spice rack or a bottle holder. Also install sliding doors or doors that open upwards for tall units to save some space.

Small work to renovate a kitchenette

For a renovation more "in depth", it is also possible to carry out some small work to make your kitchenette a kitchen corner ultra-practical. Think of recess electrical appliances so they do not encroach on space. Buy a mini-oven or mini-dishwasher and place them in a piece of furniture. If you want to change the style of your decor, you can change only the front of the doors or paint them directly. The change will be immediate! To give an impression of space, do not hesitate to knock down a partition to create a bar that will serve as a dining table and work plan.

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