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How to remove wallpaper placed on cork boards in a kitchen? I do not know if before the installation of the wallpaper, the cork plates were painted?

If the wall has been coated with cork boards (and not cork-finished wall paper), you can use a special Quelyd "Dissoucol" product or a wallpaper stripper, since cork is not sensitive to water.

If your wallpaper is leachable or plasticized, it will need to be scratched with a wire brush or coarse sandpaper. Go slowly so as not to damage the cork below. This step will promote the penetration of the product or steam.

Mix the stripper with hot water (1/40), then thoroughly wet the paper surface starting at the bottom. Let stand a few minutes. Possibly rewarm the paper. The use of a stripper is also very simple. Be careful not to wet the soil!

Peel off the paper with a coating knife, always taking care of the cork. You can then either cover it with a glass cloth and paint it, or glue a new wallpaper.

For both methods, consult our FICHE on the subject.

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