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We just bought a house that has a woodstove (Justus Rugen). When walking, no worries, but when we do not use it, there is a very strong smell of cold ashes in the house. When we cut the VMC, the smell disappears. The stove has been swept, the installation is up to standard, the stove is not connected to a specific air intake outside. Are there solutions to no longer smell?

At the description of the facts, we can think that the house is relatively recent and airtight. As a first step, a flow adjustment of the VMC can help solve the problem.
If the phenomenon persists, we must be interested in the absence of outside air intake. Indeed, a wood stove consumes 9 to 15 m3 of air to burn 1kg of wood. The heated volume can quickly be found in depression, the pressure of the air inside becoming lower than that of the outside. This situation causes a call for air. It is therefore important for the heated room to be well ventilated, or for the stove to be airtight with a direct supply of air into the appliance. This is why the regulation requires that any device of less than 25 kw has an air intake. For this, turn to the installer of the stove.

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