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I have squeaking noises in my crawling from the bedroom. gypsum board insulation + 200mm of glass wool mounted with hangers and furs. In high winds, the plasterboards creak. And I reproduce the same sound when I press the plates. I think it comes from the binding fur + lines. Is there a way to imobilize this link to avoid this noise? For additional info: attic not isolated (just plastic under tile) and traditional frame.

of the gnashing from a metallic structure supporting plasterboard, actually come mostly from the link furs / lines.
If these links are accessible, we can block them:
- by the application of flexible seal spray applied,
- by the application of polyurethan foam in bomb,
- By laying a flexible seal (type Compriband from TRAMICO), between the fur and the hanger.
All these solutions aim to block the movements and limit the contact between the fur and the hanger.
If you can not access these connections, you have no alternative but to deposit the drywall. You will take the opportunity to make a good insulation, which, apparently, would not be superfluous. Take advantage of tax benefits (ISCED) extended to derivative works.

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