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Remove tiles

Whether on the wall or on the floor, removing the tiles is a hard work but relatively simple. It is still necessary to have the right tools, the right equipment and know the procedure to follow.

Tools and materials needed:

A hammer
A chisel
Protective glasses
A thermal scraper
A painting knife

Do not try to remove tile from a plasterboard, you could damage it. Similarly, if you have a floor heating, it is better to leave the tiles already in place.

Step 1: take off the tiles

Remove tiles: right

Slide the end of the chisel between two tiles at a joint.
Put the chisel slightly at an angle and tap on it with the hammer. The tiles will peel off or break apart.
Then continue on the same pace, tile by tile until everything is off.

Step 2: Take off the glue cement

Place the heat gun a few inches from the wall, then move it along the surface to soften the glue.
Then scrape the cement with the painter's knife.

Video Instruction: How To Remove Tiles - DIY At Bunnings