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I would like to know if you would have a solution to clean tiled slabs that cover my deck? Especially to remove traces of paints, but with a special cleaner, I can not make them leave... Thank you and great show that I never miss!

The paint stains on the pavement a terrace are always very difficult to remove, especially if they are old. Everything in particular depends on the constitution of the painting at the origin of these tasks.
- If this paint is acrylic, glycerophtalic, PlioliteĀ®... it must be able to be stripped using any paint stripper.
- If it is a painting of mineral origin: whitewash, lime paint, mineral paint, strippers have no action. We must try the pressure washer where the mechanical stripping (cutter, knife, spatula, razor blade...).
In both cases, heating with a thermal cleaner allows to prepare well the work.

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