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You can not stand your kitchen anymore? Courage, its complete renovation is not an insurmountable project! The proof by the image with this beautiful realization of one of our readers, Frédéric Moncassin.

Renovate and rearrange your kitchen

Detailed cost of construction

  • Floor tile (10 m2 approx.), 40 € / m2: 400 €
  • Wall tile: 100 €
  • Kitchen furniture: 2300 €
  • Cooking plate: 500 €
  • Other electrical appliances: 1000 €
  • Two windows (price negotiated on all the frames of the apartment): 500 €
  • Sink and mixer: 200 €
  • Door with portholes: 180 €
  • Glass cloth, painting, small supplies...: 200 €
  • And the boiler: 3000 € (item concerning the whole accommodation)

A twenty-five-year-old handyman, Frédéric Moncassin has partnered with a close relative to renovate this apartment of the seventies. Introducing the new layout of the kitchen, it does not seek to minimize the hazards of the site. His mail makes us share the successes as the few difficulties encountered. A franchise that our readers will appreciate for sure, benefiting from the experience gained.

All-round skills

Carrying out a kitchen renovation requires less specialized knowledge than multiple know-how, coming from the carpenter, the tiler, the electrician, the plasterer, the painter and the plumber. Some work will be entrusted to a professional. The program established, we must not waste time: during the duration of the building site, the housing is unusable, and the lease of the previous one is still running! Suffice to say that our two do-it-yourselfer do not rest, even if you ask a few days of leave to move faster.

For starters, a serious vacuum cleaning is required, including disassembly of the gas boiler. If the tiled floor is retained, the walls are completely removed. Unused for a long time, the garbage chute is also deposited. From where gaping holes in the brick wall that are filled with the plate of
plaster. After modification of the electrical installation, refilling and repointing are delicate operations... which partly explain the choice of a wall covering made of glass cloth.

Replace the frames

The replacement of all the windows of the apartment is a pleasant surprise: screwing the new PVC frames in the old metal frame is very fast. It does not even take three hours to change those in the kitchen. Only flaw, inherent in this type of installation, nesting two dormant one in the other reduces the glass surface.

The new door, a pretty model with portholes, is thicker than the old one. A rebate of 5 mm is milled to the router to fit into the old doorframe. After dimensioning and transfer hinges, a stroke of paint is enough to hide the milling and voila!

Tiling, not so easy!

Of a beautiful gray anthracite almost black, the new tile is placed on the old. The selected tiles (40 x 40 cm) are a bit heavy, our do-it-yourselfers will learn at their expense: after carefully stopping a dozen, they discover that glue flue to the sides, leaving them sag. The site is luckily not very advanced, but it is necessary to resume everything with a suitable glue and thicker (a ready-to-use adhesive mortar).

The lesson is retained for the following: to put the wall tile, nice combination of two shades of gray and a red listel matching the doors, the glue is cautiously bought "ready to use". The tiled surface being reduced, the additional cost is limited. After this precaution and the use of spacing spacers of 3 mm, the grouting is a formality.

Furniture assembly

The adjustable feet (screw jacks) greatly simplify the leveling of the boxes. The elements are anchored to each other and to the walls. However, it is necessary to move the drain pipes of the dishwasher and the washing machine, for lack of crawlspace behind the corresponding elements.

Laying work plans is more delicate. False squaring of the partition with respect to the outer wall requires cutting at the appropriate angle the end of the trays, before identifying and drilling the passage of the pipes of the boiler. The L-fitting is not intended by the manufacturer. After partial removal of a edgeband, two grooves are milled to the router parallel to the joint, on both sides; then two pairs of holes are pierced in the singing vis-à-vis. The whole thing allows to put two gougeons (threaded rods) to bolt the junction. It is also glued to guarantee the tightness; the glue is generously applied to flow on and under the assembly and the excess immediately cleaned.


After resuming the painting of the ceiling, the walls receive a glass cloth, also light in color. Drawers and furniture doors are then finally installed, as will the fixtures (shortly after taking photographs). There remains the hood and the compact oven, recessed above the refrigerator.
Note the small decorative touches: the toaster and coffee maker match the furniture doors, the stools are close to the white lacquer of appliances. The set is an achievement worthy of a pro!

Design the layout

a renovated kitchen

Designing the layout is rather easy thanks to the software of the kitchen manufacturer (Ikea).

Find layout

plan of a kitchen

By playing on the width of the elements, an L layout is quickly found. Only downside, the shift of the sink compared to its original location requires to lengthen the pipes

Choose the gas boiler

boiler in a kitchen

Without being able to change the location of the gas boiler, it must know how to be discreet in the new development. Hence the choice of a model with "customizable" facade. The installation and adaptation of the gas line are entrusted to a professional.

The hood: the standard excluded

kitchen: work plan

The Consuel * refuses the installation of a hood because of the presence of the boiler in the room, even with a recirculating air system that does not create a depression in the room. Solution envisaged with his agreement: to enslave the boiler to the hood with a device cutting the first as soon as a detection of a call of electric current on the line feeding the second. A specific box will be necessary to integrate the ventilation motor of the future hood because the available width (between the windows) is only 50 cm (standard width: 60 cm).
* National Committee for the Safety of Electricity Users

Find the location of the sink

embed a baking tray

Due to the lack of a template for the sink, a first carpenter's chalk location leaves marks that are difficult to remove on the (granular) laminate. A simple school chalk proves more practical. It is not easy to recess the cooking plate near the junction of the worktops: be careful with the connecting rods on the path of the jigsaw!

Modify the electrical circuit

electrical network in a kitchen

The power grid is modified to add outlets and lighting sources. After establishing a diagram, the circuit is drawn directly on the walls. open to the angle grinder, the grooves are reduced to the minimum necessary by passing the sheaths in the alveoli of the bricks. Note a sprain to standards (they prohibit oblique bleeding).

Install the dining area

corner to eat in the kitchen

The dining area is a rounded plateau placed on a central foot and anchored to the wall by a cleat. delivered by mistake, a surplus furniture door was placed waiting on the table. as luck would have it, she stayed there, resized to size and equipped with storage accessories. The budget is limited, the original radiator is kept; sanded and repainted, he is rested without changing the plumbing.

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