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I live in a house in the city center of Toulouse (house Toulouse) which has in the garden a wall brick / pebble typical of the Toulouse region. This wall is very degraded. The joints between the bricks become "powdery" and decompose. Some bricks are very damaged and the wall is hollow in places. Could you advise me for the renovation of this wall knowing that I want to keep the authentic brick / pebble stamp of this mature? Do you have contact details for companies specialized in this type of renovation in the Toulouse region?

From what you describe your house must date from the late nineteenth or early twentieth century, which saw the birth of these typical constructions of the region. It would be a shame to cover this wall with a coating. You can perform a light sanding, then apply a coating of reconstitution in which you will have added a natural pigment bordering the color of the brick. The joints will have to be redone with a lime-based mortar tinted or not according to your taste. Our BRICK FACADE PROTECTION sheet deals with this kind of problem.

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