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Find out when your ceiling needs to be restored, and the best practices to follow.

Why renovate your ceiling?

There are several reasons that can lead you to renovate your ceiling:

  • You want to repaint your ceiling. Before repainting a ceiling, it is necessary to clean it so that its surface is clean and clean. In all cases, especially before installing a false ceiling, overcome any mold and cracks before going further in your project.
  • You detect traces of mold on your ceiling. It is then a question of cleaning the mildew with adapted products and equipment. Keep in mind that proper ventilation and good working conditions are needed to prevent mold from reappearing. The services of a professional can help you clean up your room with more serenity.
  • Your ceiling is cracked. This may be due to the normal aging of your home, or to more serious causes such as water infiltration or structural defects during construction. Do not hesitate to contact a professional to know more about the origin of the cracks and thus better know how to treat them.

What are the main steps of renovating a ceiling?

Take out your furniture or protect them with a tarpaulin. Clean the surface of your ceiling by dusting it off and then washing it off with detergent diluted in water. If the paint is not leachable, clean your ceiling dry.

If your ceiling has been painted with oil paint, it must be stripped. Apply your cleaner and remove the paint with a spatula, after a few minutes of installation. Protect your skin and eyes as cleaners and strippers are particularly aggressive.

To fill the cracks in your ceiling, use a coating of rebouchage. Scratch the crack if necessary to enlarge and facilitate the installation of the product. The coating should be applied carefully to the bottom of the crack. Sand the treated area after drying to obtain a perfectly smooth surface without scratches.

Now, all you have left is dust off and paint your ceiling. To properly consolidate, you can apply a glass cloth or a glass veil to the ceiling.

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