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I will develop the garage located in the basement bedroom with a bathroom and a dressing room. The insulation of the garage ceiling was made by gluing 50x50 polystyrene sheet. I would like to renovate it. I have a ceiling height of 2.25 m. I hesitate between 4 methods to cover it. 1 - stretch ceiling; 2 - paper to be painted; 3 - paneling collage; 4 - paint the plates directly. What do you think? Do you have another solution?

The painting of the slabs is certainly the simplest although it does not hold on the polystyrene. The paint paper is likely to come off quickly as well as paneling, too heavy. The stretch ceiling is possible but expensive. Why not take off the slabs and repaint. Or to make a false ceiling plasterboard on frames, fixed directly to the ceiling?

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