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Renovate the storage of his kitchen

Storage is a highlight of the kitchen. Between cupboards, cabinets, shelves and drawers, it is impossible to miss these essential equipment. Their appearance thus influences that of the kitchen. That's why, this week, DuitDesign invites you to renovate the various storage spaces that make up your kitchen including doors, boxes and mechanisms, while adding a few options.

Renovate doors and caissons

Renovate the doors and boxes of his kitchen

When it comes to renovating kitchen storage, the first thing that comes to mind is usually the replacement of doors or cabinets. A radical operation but which requires a high budget, count 500 euros large minium for a small kitchen and low-end storage; as well as a lot of research work. Equally efficient and much more economical, a new paint will give your cupboards a second youth, provided you prepare the support by sanding it and passing an underlay adapted to the material. Here plan a hundred euros and a few hours of work.

Be careful however to choose a washable paint, suitable for the kitchen. For a fun decoration, there is chalkboard paint or magnetic paint. Finally you can also cover your doors with Vénélia type adhesive films, which offer a wide range of colors and imitations more or less fanciful. A quick solution, the reach of all budgets and all handymen, able to provide a minimum of care to their installation, including avoiding particularly unsightly air bubbles.

Renovate the mechanisms

By opening and closing them, the mechanisms of the cupboards deteriorate from year to year. Therefore, it is advisable to replace the defective mechanisms to gain comfort of use. So you can replace your old hinges, your roller slides, and your magnetic stops with newer models. In addition, if you have small children, it is best to install anti-pinch finger systems on all your doors and drawers and if necessary to condemn with a door-lock or a door lock. drawer access to some dangerous cupboards, such as those containing knives or household products.

Add options

To modernize the storage of a kitchen without replacing them, you can for example add some clever options. So in order to cook while making a small gesture for the environment you will invest in a waste sorting machine or a green waste bin to integrate in a drawer or cupboard that will cost you between 10 and 100 euros depending on the model chosen.

Another option is cutlery sorters, which will help you to avoid mixing knives and fork for an average of ten euros. You will also find in the trade a whole range of compartments and sliding trays to be installed inside your cupboards for a maximum of tidying up and organization in a minimum of place. Finally to add a last touch of modernity to your kitchen, you can for example install spotlights or LED bars under your cupboards at the top.

Finally, do not hesitate to customize the exterior, but also the interior of your storage by sticking decorative stickers adapted to the kitchen.

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