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Renovate a garden table by sanding and oiling

Garden tables are under severe stress if you can not shelter them. Exotic woods are certainly resistant to the weather, however, they degrade on the surface under the combined effect of rain, wind, temperature variations, but especially UV. In some cases, the only way to make up for the original appearance of the wood is to sand it and then feed it by oiling it with a so-called "teak" oil. This is the treatment applied to this eucalyptus table.

In this case, the washing and stripping restoration, followed by the application of a degreasing product, would not have been sufficient. The radical solution of sanding was essential. The pickling / sanding disc mounted on an angle grinder gives excellent results, even if a delta sander is still needed for some areas, including the rounded edge of the tray. An abrasive sanding sponge will be retained for surface grinding. The finish with a teak oil restores the wood all its luster and provides lasting protection. Several days of waiting are required to reuse the table.

Renovate a garden table by sanding and oiling

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