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I have two questions in one: it concerns the staircase of the family house and the hallway. My parents had some carpet glued 30 years ago, I want to replace it because it would be high time. At the same time as the house is old, the wooden corridor leading to the rooms leans. How to level it up to avoid this odd look and what cladding to put on the stairs and in the hallway? Everything is wooden.

If the corridor leans significantly is that there is a concern in the structure itself. to avoid any structural risk, perhaps take the advice of a professional who will advise you on any reinforcement work to be undertaken.

You can "catch up" with the false ground level by making a dry screed and paneling.

For the coating, you have the choice: put a new carpet after tearing or put a specific coating of laminate or even solid parquet. You can then match the floor of your hallway.

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