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The kitchen is the heart of the house! Not only is there good food, but it's also where the whole family meets, meets and shares warm moments. So when the kitchen takes a shot of old, it's depressed. Fortunately, there are plenty of good plans for revamp his kitchen at a lower cost. Pass a layer of painting on the walls, to harmoniously marry the colors between them, customize kitchen furniture, sticking sticks or adhesive credence... give a kick to the kitchen.

  • 1.Repeating your kitchen
  • 2.Relook an old oak kitchen
  • 3.Transform the facades of your kitchen furniture
  • 4.Renovate your kitchen at a lower cost: all our tips

Renovate your kitchen

Renovate your kitchen

No need to invest a big budget, here are some tips to renovate your kitchen and give it a second youth.

Video Instruction: DIY How to Renovate Your Kitchen with a Minimalist Style A to Z