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How to change the bottom of a blade with a wooden flap?

You can cut the tenons (shoulder ends) from the damaged part to the jigsaw, taking care not to remove the pins from the adjacent blade. Dig the mortises made at both ends of the blade, removing the remaining tenons you just cut. Replace the missing piece with a new blade, cut from CTBx plywood board or plank (it must be identical to the blade you just removed, with end posts), sticking it with a wood glue. Sand, then apply to apply a stain, a colored stain or paint that will unify everything. As you can see, it's a real job as a carpenter.

You can also take the advice of a carpenter who can check the condition of your shutter and refer you to its possible replacement if the repair is not interesting (in case of rotting wood, pests, etc.).. In standard dimensions, new shutters are often very affordable.

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