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Easy to maintain, simple and quick to install, inexpensive... PVC floors have more than one advantage. But like all flooring, they can tarnish, scratch and stain. Depending on the condition of your PVC floor, there are several solutions.

Deep cleaning of your PVC floor

Over time, a PVC floor (or linoleum) can tarnish, especially if it has been cleaned with a product that is too aggressive like black soap, or if it has been waxed. We must start with a good cleaning using a microfiber broom wet (not soaked) with a mixture of hot water and soda crystals. If a greasy appearance persists, it is possible to add a little white vinegar and rub with a broomstick.

Clear scratches on PVC floors

Even though PVC floors are strong, some objects can scratch or scratch them. You can then use a polish, originally intended for metals and car bodies. To be effective, the application should be done with a soft cloth lightly moistened with product and making circles or eight for a few minutes.

Clean stained PVC floor

Paint, pen, rust, mildew... If some brands or products are not cleaned immediately, they may stain your PVC floor. If the soda crystals do not get through, there are some tips to remove the most common tasks.

  • Pen or ink task: if a simple eraser is not enough, you can try 90° alcohol or turpentine
  • Paint stain: white spirit or the specific solvent suitable for painting
  • Mold task: apply a pasty mixture of mustard flour and cold water. It is then sufficient to let act a few hours, to wipe and then apply a little linseed oil
  • Rust task: use an anti-rust product
  • Varnish task: acetone dissolves varnish but it also attacks PVC. It must therefore act quickly and rinse immediately.
  • Burn task: a few drops of white-spirit rubbed with a very fine sandpaper

If despite all your efforts your PVC floor remains damaged, manufacturers offer colored products (resin or paint) to give it a second youth.

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