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Our concern: we have electric underfloor heating throughout the ground floor of our house. Our tiling rings hollow at 80 inches and 3 tiles are cracked; what to do?

You do not specify if you are a tenant or owner of the house, or how many years this tile is laid.

If you are owner, and if the house is less than 10 years tiling is covered by the decennial, so the damage-work insurance, only if it is solidarity (sealed) of the frame. If you consider to be in front of defects or hidden defects (defined by art 1792 of the Civil Code), send an LR to the builder or the tiler and put it in default to do the work this time in the rules of the art. If it does not execute, have a bailiff report, possibly an expert report and enter the magistrate's court (less than 7,600 € worth of work) or a higher court over this amount.

If you are only a tenant, the owner will have to take these steps.

If you want to intervene yourself, it is necessary to know if the electrical frame is included in the tiling glue or in the screed, even the slab. In the first case, you can not strip the tiles without damaging the frame: the only solution is to lay a new tile on the old. If the weft is embedded in the screed or slab, you can remove the tiles with great care, make a patch, and rest a new tile.

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