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Would you like to find an alternative to paints, tapestries, coatings and other finishing products while giving your walls a real relief? The decoration gives you the opportunity to give a final touch to your work and present your pieces in their best day. If you like innovative and aesthetic products, you will certainly be attracted by this new concept: Wallart 3D wall panel. Lightweight, easy to install and even ecological, Wallart is the good idea put at the service of the know-how.

An ecological material

Made from the fibrous residue from sugar cane (the bagasse), Wallart 3D wall panels are 100% biodegradable, compostable and recyclable. It is therefore a real eco-product that proposes Wallart with its 3D panels.

After transformation, 50x50cm relief panels will be made from this material with many varieties of patterns allowing you to decorate your walls in a very design way.

This product seduced us, we decided to test it as part of a renovation. By installing 3D wall panels on a stair climbing wall we will highlight this transitional piece.

Laying slabs

Renovate a wall with raised panels: panels

1. Measure the area to be covered, 1 slab measuring 50 cm. Make a 3D panel of a size multiple of 50 cm or cut slabs to cutter to fit your existing surface.

2. Draw a mark on the wall at level to work level.

3. Wallart slabs will be glued all the way round and center with a cartridge glue type inner fast glue.

Renovate a wall with raised panels: wall

4. To glue, apply by pressing well, especially in the corners and on the edges.

5. Install other panels by tightly fitting Wallart decors edge to edge.

6. Make joints between each panel with an acrylic coating preferably.

7. The wall can be painted and finished.

Renovate a wall with raised panels: wall

Interchangeable panels

There is no sense for Wallart panels. So you can place the panels in different directions to create a pattern. It is now time to paint and finish the other walls of this staircase and, to emphasize the 3D relief of this wall, nothing better than a play of light adapted such as colored leds for example.

With Wallart panels, you become the designer of your home. With a little application and a little grip to make the joints, you can easily put yourself this smart design product, for a really surprising rendering. However, be careful not to shock the tiles before laying to avoid damaging the corners and make sure to apply them to a perfectly flat wall.

In the end, this product that seems simplistic is very ingenious, easy to handle and to pose while offering possibilities of really amazing finishes. Sold by cardboard of 3 m², 12 pieces.

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