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Plaster has long been appreciated for its ease of use because it allows to hide the imperfections of all media. Today gone out of fashion, plaster is no longer really welcome inside homes and many of you are looking to remove it. To realize the operation, different solutions are available to you, to you to choose the one that suits you best.

Renovate walls with plaster

Renovate walls with plaster

Solution n° 1: remove the plaster

The first technique is probably the simplest in appearance but it also has some disadvantages. It is sand the plaster to remove all the roughness on the surface and obtain a smooth surface. The sanding of plaster has long been practiced to renovate walls but it generates a very large amount of dust. These dusts, in addition to dirtying your entire home, are also harmful to the respiratory tract. Building professionals have therefore devised other solutions to renovate a wall plaster without having to go through the sanding phase.

Solution n° 2: apply a filling compound

The filling plaster, as its name suggests, allows to fill in thickness and hide the irregularities of your plaster. It is applied using a trowel and does not require specific tools. Once the filling plaster is dry, it is still necessary to apply a light sanding to remove the few imperfections present on the surface. It is often advisable to apply two coats of plaster to hide the whole thing. Once the set is dry, you can then apply the smoothing coating that will ensure a perfect finish. Be aware that the lining plaster can be used on plaster up to 5 mm thick. Beyond, it is recommended to consider another solution.

Solution # 3: repainting or laying plasterboard

If you do not want to complicate your life with sanding or laying a plaster, it is possible to give a new touch to your plaster coating in painting it. This will not change the texture of your wall but will change a little interior decor. To find a perfectly smooth wall ready to receive a new coating, it is also possible to install plasterboard on the walls. To stick directly or to screw on a metal frame, the plasterboards mask your wall in plaster and also make it possible to reinforce the insulation of your room. This technique is only feasible if your wall is perfectly healthy without any trace of moisture.

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