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Renovating an old apartment improves its comfort and energy performance. While following certain rules of co-ownership, we will be able to make the most of the renovation by having meticulously prepared the project, and previously established its budget.

Renovate an old apartment

Renovate an old apartment

Renovation of old apartment, precautions and benefits

1. Neighborhood precautions

An apartment happens to be one of the dwellings present in a building. Unlike a detached house, it will be necessary here to respect the rules of condominiums attached to the building.

  • Respect of the hours of rest
  • Limitation of repeated sounds

Knowing that noise and inconvenience caused by the many passages of equipment or furniture are part of it.

2. Optimization of living space

One of the advantages of renovating an old apartment is to optimize the living space.

It is therefore possible to enlarge the pieces too small, or from completely transform to better develop them later.

Everything can be redesigned, including the layout of heating systems and equipment, for convenience.

3. Optimize energy performance

Restoring an old apartment also passes through its energy renovation.

Thermal insulation, heating equipment and hot water production more efficient, the apartment can achieve significant energy savings.

Renovate an old apartment, how much does it cost?

  • The fees of the architect.

It is advisable to use an interior designer to coordinate the renovation of an old apartment. These fees are calculated on the basis of a percentage deducted from the duty-free price of the work.

  • The price of a global apartment renovation.

A total renovation is generally evaluated at 1,000 € / m². But this figure may vary depending on the difficulties of implementation of the renovation work, the surface of the apartment and desired benefits.

  • The amount of minor work of the renovation.

In an apartment renovation, the paint and the changes of coverings (walls and floors), represent approximately 800 to 1000 € of the total invoice.

  • The cost of thermal insulation work.

It will take about 100 € / m²to insulate an old apartment.

To note: state aid (eco-PTZ +, tax credit, etc.) can reduce the cost of a renovation project of an old apartment.

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