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I want to renovate the facade of the walls of my house which are stone coated with a RPE with some microcracks but adhering perfectly. Indeed, the walls exposed to bad weather are wet despite 40 cm thick. Should we remove the RPE before applying a new coating (lime?) To let "breathe" the wall? Various professionals did not know how to give me a unique answer.

An RPE (Thick Plastic Coating) coating consists of copolymer resins, inert mineral fillers and additives; it allows both to protect and decorate the wall while ensuring its tightness. The installation of a new coating involves the stripping of the RPE. The most economical solution would be to plug these cracks, then standardize the wall with a new layer of RPE coating by completing the insulation of the interior of the house.

You can also consider thermal insulation from the outside (ITE) that will allow you both to save money on heating and give a facelift to your facade while isolating it. A solution by Myral type cladding would also guarantee the watertightness of your facade.

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