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Renovation: ideas for cooking: storage

Nothing better than a well equipped kitchen and well studied to concoct good dishes! If you want to renovate your kitchen to make it a place as practical as modern, here are various tips to remember.

Practical, bright, comfortable, well studied... A kitchen must have many assets. Do you want to renovate yours? Between the organization of elements or storage ideas, here are some tips to know.

Open kitchen, semi-open or closed?

Do you dream of an open or semi-open kitchen? As part of a renovation, we must first study the place to find out if it is possible to decompartmentalize.

The walls are not carrying and it is possible to open the kitchen? You can either do it completely or in part. To let the light in, you can for example opt for a glass roof, as useful as decorative.

You are in the opposite case and want to partition to create a closed kitchen? Sliding wall hangings, wall (s)... Several solutions exist to separate a room from the rest of your home. You can, for example, draw ideas from the solutions proposed by experts Lapeyre, specialists in the renovation and development of the house.

Organization of the various elements

The shape of your kitchen and its size are important and the organization of the elements will be based on these characteristics. Is it in U, in L, all in length or square? Is it big, medium or small? These are the questions you need to ask yourself.

Then comes the reflection around the arrangement of the elements. First, think of the activity triangle (hotplates, sink and refrigerator). The distances between these points must be more or less equal and not too high. Do not place them in the corners, rather reserve for accessories such as dish drainers and other bottle-drainers.

Garbage bin, sink and dishwasher should be placed close to each other. When you have finished your meals, you first put the garbage in the trash can then rinse various items in the sink and then you fill the dishwasher. Remember to arrange them in this order.

On the storage side

A practical kitchen is a kitchen that has plenty of storage space. When you renovate yours, think of drawers and closets to store utensils, appliances and other food products.

Think about investing in a central island with built-in storage. You will have everything at your fingertips to cook and restore.

Various small accessories - stainless steel shelves, roll holders and other spice holders - can also be useful for saving storage space.

Our tips

It is advisable to leave 70 cm (minimum) of free space in front of the furniture of your kitchen. For the height of these, do according to your size. In general, it is recommended 85 to 95 centimeters in height for the worktop against 2.20 meters in height for the highest shelf in the cupboards. Also think of lighting, an essential element in a kitchen.

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