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Renovation of floors and floors (light screed - dry screed)

On existing floors, achieving thermal or acoustic insulation should generate the least amount of weight possible. After making sure of the stability of the support, different solutions are possible.

The PRO Council
"To ensure maximum watertightness, a polyethylene film is placed on the insulating panels and is raised 10 cm above the decoupling strip. make a screed".

Lightweight floating screed

Lightweight floating screed

The principle of lightweight floating screed on wood or masonry floor is the most effective solution for thermal and acoustic insulation. This technique uses lightweight, ready-to-use concrete composed of polystyrene beads, wood pellets, vermiculite or expanded clay (2 to 5 times lighter than a conventional mortar screed). After drying, various types of finishing are possible: carpets, PVC floors, parquet floors, tiles, etc.

Dry screeds

Dry screeds

The principle consists of spreading a layer of insulating granules forming an equalizing layer of 2 to 15 cm thick and then covering it with a complex of two "special floor" plasterboard glued and stapled. This solution can receive all types of finishing.
Wooden floor
The principle is to lay mineral wool panels on the existing floor and to build an overlay with particle board. Different finishes are possible.

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