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The half-timbering also called "timber" is a traditional construction technique found in some regions of France, especially Alsace, Normandy or Brittany. The half-timbered houses have a certain charm asset, but the walls require regular renovations to consolidate the structure but also to improve the insulation.

Renovation of a half-timbering

The renovation of a half-timbered wall is often indispensable for many reasons.
The first is simply the need to consolidate the hourdage walls that, because of their age, can be quite fragile. Then there is the isolation aspect. Often, this type of wall does not isolate well at the thermal level.

In any case, the aesthetic aspect must not be neglected. Beyond the technical constraints (pipeline, electricity, insulation...), everything must be done to preserve the charm of the construction. This is all the more important if the building is considered an architectural heritage or classified as a "historic monument".
Precisely, it is necessary to inquire with the authorities competent authorities in order to obtain the authorizations or to comply with the specific rules to be respected for this type of renovation.

Check the walls

When it comes to renovating a half-timbered house, the work often involves the consolidation and insulation of the walls. Before proceeding with the work, it is necessary to carry out various verifications: the walls are solid, there are no cracks, possible capillary rise and other infiltrations. Based on the findings, corrective action will be required. The renovation of a half-timbered wall is not only to repair the signs but also to restore in depth.

The materials

After sounding the walls, we can go to the renovation phase. Depending on the findings, it is possible that some portions of the wood are cut or eliminated. Then, the beams can be cleaned by sandblasting and then refurbished with paint or lime plaster. If necessary, it is possible to set up a metal frame. In any case, do not always get rid of the earth or mud, and especially avoid as much as possible to put cement or bricks instead.

On the insulating side, this is usually done inside to preserve the exterior look of the house. Different alternatives are then possible, but the cellular concrete is particularly interesting. Its implementation is quite easy and it is an excellent sound and thermal insulation. As a finishing, it is possible to apply a coating with lime.

There are specialized renovation companies in the repair of half-timbered houses that use the materials and techniques in the rules of art.

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