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Your terrace once so dapper makes gray mine? The beautiful days are there and you dare not even look at her as she depresses you? Talk! But be careful between a renovation from top to bottom including load bearing structures and a renovation to clean, repair and bring up to date, the work is not the same... and the cost either. Before you get started, know what to renovate and how.

Renovation of a terrace

Renovation of a terrace

Before renovating your terrace, take stock of the situation

Before starting any work, the first thing to do and draw up the inventory:

  • Foundations: If your deck is cracked or sagged, it is essential to inspect the condition of the foundations. If these show signs of weakness, you will have to consolidate them. When in doubt, ask for the expertise of a professional.
  • Floor: Is the floor covering damaged or just very dirty? Should it be totally changed or simply repaired? If the slab is hard, is it always waterproof? Here too, the opinion of a professional may prove useful.
  • The bodyguard: Essential safety element if your terrace is high, check its condition carefully. Should it be repaired or changed?
  • The decoration: Decrepit flowerbeds containing a few stunted plants to see that only contain weeds do not encourage usability.

Similarly a wall light giving a pale glow in the evening does not want to enjoy the sweetness of a summer evening. Throw everything that is too damaged to be repaired. And if some decorative elements are still in good condition but do not please you, think about the next flea market in your neighborhood!
In view of this inventory you will be able to determine what are the works to be undertaken so that your terrace regains its former glory!
Do not hesitate to call in professionals, bricklayer, tiler, landscaper who also installs terraces.

Imagine your future terrace...

If the solidity of the foundations or the waterproofness of the slab are in question, you will have to repair them, otherwise you will have to resume the work in a short time, noticing the same weaknesses. And you will have spent money for nothing...
Once you have new healthy foundations or if the condition of the structural work does not require any repair, start to imagine your future terrace...

  • Choose the right soil: If any floor covering is too damaged or out of fashion, change it. Depending on your tastes, opt for exterior tiles, slabs of stone or reconstituted stone or concrete. The natural or composite wood also makes beautiful terrace if we accept a perforated floor. In addition, laths or gratings arise on an underlying structure which has a certain thickness. It must be taken into account because it is neither practical nor aesthetic to have a walk to go on its terrace.
    If your deck is flush with the ground and does not have a screed, opt for interlocking pavers or slabs placed on a compacted sand bed.
    Whatever your renovation choice, you will always have to deal with what already exists...
  • Protect your terrace: It's the perfect time to think about shading your terrace. Install an awning against the facade or a blind with two slopes. But you also want to protect yourself from the rain, think of the pergola or the terrace shelter. The ultimate in this area is the bioclimatic pergola.
  • Look after the decoration: Garden furniture, decoration and light fixtures must contribute to make your renovated terrace a friendly place where every family member is happy to come.
    A simple detail can make all the difference: A mini garden pond in a corner will distill the soothing murmur of water, a brazier design will warm you up by a cool evening, some LED garlands will ensure the atmosphere...
    Let your creativity speak and make your terrace a place that suits you.

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