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The cost of a global energy renovation project is subject to many variations. However, a study conducted by the National Housing Agency now allows us to estimate prices. These are given as an indication and do not take into account the aid that can be paid by the State.

Highly variable cost of global energy renovation

The price of a global energy renovation may be 30% to 50% depending on:

  • difficulties of implementation (related to the particularities of housing)
  • equipment brands and materials
  • the location of the dwelling

The amount of work depends primarily on the initial quality of the dwelling and the energy performance to be achieved.

For example:

Old house classified G by its energetic label
Target classEstimated investment Work completed
DAround 12,000 to 30,000 € (200 to 300 € / m2 of living space)- insulation of opaque walls (walls and ceilings)
- insulation of glass walls
- Attic insulation
- replacement of the boiler
BAround 22,000 to 50,000 € (400 € / m2 of living space)- insulation of all walls: roofs, walls, floors, windows
- installation of equipment powered by renewable energies

Details of the cost of the energy renovation works

Price range of energy renovation works, estimated by the ANAH for a standard housing of 100 m², on one level, with 15 m2 of glazed area:

Energy renovation worksEstimated price
Thermal insulation
lost roofsbetween 2500 and 5000 €
upgraded atticsbetween 4000 and 6000 €
walls from the insidebetween 6000 and 12 000 €
walls from the outsidebetween 8000 and 12 000 €
low floorbetween 2000 and 5000 €
replacing windowsbetween 6000 and 8000 €
Improvement of heating systems
boiler "low temperature" oil or natural gasbetween 3000 and 7000 €
boiler "condensing" oil or natural gasbetween 4000 and 8000 €
radiant electric heatersbetween 1500 and 2000 €
aerothermal heat pump (air-to-air or air-water)about 13 000 €
geothermal heat pumpapproximately 18 000 €
wood boilerabout € 15,000
solar or thermodynamic water heaterBetween 3500 € and 5000 €

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