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Since 1 August 2015, Paris rents are subject to supervision: they must therefore be established within the limits of the values ​​fixed by the prefectural decree. But the measures are different depending on whether it is a lease or renewal of the lease.

Rent management in Paris

Rent management in Paris

Housing affected by rent management in Paris

All dwellings are not concerned by the rent management in Paris. Indeed, only dwellings that belong to the private park see their rents framed. Thus, the rents of social housing, APL or Anah housing agreements and housing governed by the law of 1948 are not concerned by this device.

On the other hand, it may bean empty or furnished rentalboth types of rental are affected by this regulation.

To set the maximum value of rents according to the dwellings, the prefect takes into account several criteria:

  • The rental type, empty or furnished.
  • The Number of pieces housing.
  • The construction period from the house or building.

However, the rules differ depending on whether it is a lease or renewal of the lease.

Rent management in Paris: entering a new home

In the case of a tenant who has signed the lease since August 1, 2015, the increase in rent is capped at the evolution of the Rent Reference Index (IRL), which is calculated from the average of the evolution of consumer prices over the last 12 months. We can distinguish two exceptions to this rule:

  • The case of a dwelling that has been the subject of particular works since the departure of the previous tenant.
  • In the case where the rent previously fixed was clearly undervalued.

Thus, in either of these two cases, the rent can be increased beyond the evolution of the IRL. However, it can not be higher than the reference rent increased set by the prefectural decree.

The case of renewal of the lease

When the lease comes to an end and is about to be renewed, the rent can be revalued upwards or downwards in certain cases:

  • If the lease is renewed and the tenant does not give leave, landlord can increase rent if it is obviously undervalued. It will however have to demonstrate that it is based on equivalent references, and respect the procedure that is required.
  • The tenant can initiate an action to request the decrease in rent if it is higher than the reference rent plus.

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