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If the tenant requests it, the landlord is obliged to send him a rent receipt. Back on this document, and on the elements that compose it.

What is a rent receipt?

The rent receipt is a document, usually paper, issued by the owner to the tenant who proves that the latter has paid the full rent and rental charges of the month concerned. The rent receipt is proof that the tenant has respected its lease obligations in terms of payment of rent and charges.

What is the difference with a simple receipt? The concepts of rent receipt and receipt are sometimes confused. One difference distinguishes them however: the receipt is used to note the partial payment of rent and rental charges, while the rent receipt proves the payment in full.

Are rent receipts obligatory?

The sending of a rent receipt every month is not an obligation for the landlord. It becomes one from the moment the tenant makes the request, according to article 21 of the law of July 6, 1989. This one specifies that " the landlord is required to deliver a receipt free of charge to the tenant who requests it ».
The tenant may need it for example as part of a request for housing assistance or to be used as proof of address. It can also be used as proof of payment in case of dispute. To make the request, the tenant must send the landlord or the manager a letter, in single shipment, in which he specifies the month or months for which he wishes to receive a receipt.

What are rent receipts?

The receipts are not obligatory but, if these are sent every month, certain mentions must obligatorily appear there. They contain in particular:

  • the address of the rented property
  • the identity and contact details of the landlord (or manager) and the tenant
  • the date of issue of the receipt
  • the details and the amount of the sums paid: rent, rental charges, housing aids received directly by the owner, etc.
  • the month concerned by the payment
  • the signature of the lessor owner or manager

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