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Carpet must be regularly maintained to continue to enjoy all the benefits. Discover why it is necessary to use a carpet shampooer, what are the different types on the market, where to rent a carpeting shampooer and what are the rates applied by the different brands.

Why use a carpet shampooer?

The carpet shampooer is a very useful accessory for deep cleaning your carpet. It also helps eliminate mites and revive the original colors of your carpet. But it is used only occasionally. The ideal is to shampoo your carpet twice a year. The carpet shampooer is therefore mostly available for rent.

The different types of carpet shampooer

There are different types of shampooers:

  • A broomIt is very easy to handle and very effective on small surfaces. But its small size makes it so weak. Not recommended for large rooms.
  • Sled: a very long autonomy, it is perfect for cleaning large areas of carpets very dirty but it is quite bulky.

Where to rent a carpet shampooer?

It is possible to rent a shampooer carpet in different places:

  • the tall DIY surfaces and supermarkets offer small equipment for rent
  • the carpet stores Of course, they offer rental shampooers
  • the hardware rental stores
  • the cleaning companies: in addition to offering their services to clean your carpet, they also rent shampooers

Rent a carpet shampooer: how much does it cost?

Rental of a shampooer varies depending on the brand and the type of equipment chosen. Count between 20 and 30 euros to rent a standard shampooer. There are also more sophisticated models called battery autolavable for professionals that it is possible to rent between 110 and 130 euros per day. Whatever model you choose, sometimes you have to add the price of the shampoo or stain remover.

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