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Rent a workshop to tinker

In large cities where city dwellers usually live in apartments, it is not easy to find a space suitable for DIY. Failing to turn your living room into a dirty and noisy workshop and to put your back to your neighborhood, it is now possible to rent or sometimes to get a place to tinker. So to tinker with peace of mind while enjoying a lot of equipment, HandymanDuDimanche invites you to discover alternatives to the individual workshop.

Specialized companies

Taking advantage of the boom in DIY, some companies of a new kind offer to rent in a workshop and / or tools, on time, half-day or day to make repairs and other crafts. These establishments also offer advice or even DIY courses to support you in your projects. So, in the center of Paris the establisienne You can access a workbench in his workshop for an annual membership of 15 euros which must be added 7 euros per hour euros or 21 euros half a day or 39 euros a day. In the same vein, in Pau the workshop Palois(renting workspaces coupled with a basic tool kit (hammer, screwdriver, etc.) from one euro per hour, and it is also possible to rent power tools such as drills and saws., grinders or routers from 3 euros per hour or 6 euros half a day.

Associations or municipal premises

carpentry workshop.

In a less lucrative register, associative or municipal premises are also available to DIY handymen. In particular, there are bricotheques, an initiative set up by more than twenty district managers mainly in Île-de-France and the Pays de la Loire. This is a place where everyone can borrow tools, but also enjoy a space and tips to tinker. Here the annual subscription is 5 euros on average and a deposit will be required to borrow tools. In addition, on a smaller scale, associations or clubs of handymen sometimes have a local municipal or private to tinker and tidy their tools. To get in touch with the managers of a bricotheque or a handyman association, just contact the associative service of your municipality. You will then be asked for an annual membership (on average twenty euros) and a more or less important involvement in the life of the association or club depending on your desires and the time you have.

The D. system

If you're not lucky enough to have a collective workshop near you, it's always possible to do otherwise. For example, you can rent a garage or a workshop to an individual through a site of classified ads. Another tip is to rent a box type "one more room" where you can tinker with peace of mind, provided you have downstream of the lessor. Finally, do not hesitate to ask your entourage, you may find the owner of an empty room or a cellar for rent or even to lend.

To conclude this survey, HandymanDuDimanche invites you to remember all the instructions for safely crafting, regardless of where your workshop is located.

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