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The arrangements for renting a home vary according to the family situation of the prospective tenants: single people, couples (concubinage, marriage, pacse) or even individuals in precarious situation. Details and explanations.

The rental for a single person

Classically, a person who wishes rent a home alone must submit a number of documents proving its solvency. This person becomes sole tenant of the housing and thereby liable for rent and charges.

He will usually be asked to appoint one or more guarantors, guaranteeing the payment of rent even in the event of default by the tenant.

Rent in case of low income and / or unemployment

A job-seeking and / or low-income jobseeker candidate usually faces the distrust of donors who fear that they will not receive their rent.

However, solutions exist to reassure landlords and promote access to housing for people in precarious situations:

  • guarantor;
  • Bank guarantee;
  • Loca-not

Rent living in concubinage

The cohabitants may jointly be designated as tenants of the housing, provided they have both initially signed the lease.
The non-signatory cohabitant has no right to housing and can not continue to live there if his spouse wishes to leave the premises.

  • An exception may however be granted if there is an abandonment of domicile or death.

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Renting for a married couple

Both spouses are automatically designated as tenants (regardless of the matrimonial regime), even if the lease is concluded by one of the spouses before the marriage has taken place.
The spouses are jointly and severally liable for the payment of rent and expenses for the duration of the lease (including renewals).

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Rent when you are Pacsé

The co-ownership of the lease is not automatic for PACS partners. Only the signatory is considered to be the tenant of the premises, unless the couple makes a specific request to the landlord.

Even if they are not co-holders of the lease, partners are jointly and severally liable for the payment of rents and charges throughout their Pacs.

In case of abandonment of home or death of one of them, the lease continues with the surviving partner.

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