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The property tax concerns all properties in France, and therefore all owners. Return on this property tax, and on the conditions of taxation when there is rental.

Property tax: what is it?

Property tax is an annual tax that applies to all properties located in France. She is a local tax received by the local authorities (municipalities, departments and regions) at the end of the year.
All owners of real estate (land, business premises or housing) are taxed. Like the housing tax, this is the situation on January 1st which is taken into account for the calculation of the property tax. It is therefore due by the person who owns on January 1st of the taxable year.

Who has to pay property tax?

Property tax is always established on behalf of the ownerwhether it is a natural person or a legal person, whether he owns a dwelling, a land or a business premises.
Even if the property is rented, it is the owner who remains indebted property tax. This last can not impose it on his tenant according to the law of July 6, 1989 which prohibits the payment of property tax by the tenant.

What property is taxed?

All French properties are concerned by the property tax. We distinguish

  • Property tax on built properties (TFPB) housing, factories, business premises, etc.
    To note
    : the property tax of a built property is calculated according to the cadastral rental value of the property, in other words, according to the value that the property would bring back if it were rented at the market price.
  • The property tax on unbuilt properties for cultivated and uncultivated land used for commercial purposes, ponds, quarries, etc.
    To note
    : the property tax of an undeveloped property is calculated according to a determined rental value.

All properties assimilated to these built and undeveloped properties are also concerned by the property tax, such as light recreational dwellings (mobile homes) or, again, such as boats used as a fixed point and fitted out for housing, trade or industry.

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