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Rental investment is a profitable investment for many reasons. Return on the interests and advantages to invest in a property intended for renting.

Reduce taxes

The French government proposes various tax exemption schemes, in other words, devices that make it possible to lower taxes French people who decided to invest in stone. Devices that have the objective of increasing French investments in real estate.
The law of Pinel, for example, which follows the law Duflot and Scellier, proposes to reduce its tax until 18% over a rental period of 9 years. To benefit from this system, the investment must concern a real estate rented naked for a minimum of 9 years, in a defined geographical area. Other devices exist, and also allow to benefit from a tax reduction. It all depends on the property and the objectives of the investor. For example, if you wish

  • invest in renovation works, there is the device of the Malraux law
  • invest in furnished rental, there is the device of the law Censi-Bouvard, etc.

Complete your income and prepare for retirement

Worried that they may not be able to retire, many French people choose to invest in rental real estate in order to enjoy a rental income when they retire or before.
Indeed, investing in real estate for rent means receiving rent on a regular basis. In the first years, this rent will mainly allow the investor to repay his loan, often necessary to invest in stone. In other words, once the repayment of the loan is completed, the rent collected monthly, in other words the rental income, can be considered as a complementary source of income. A significant source of income for retired people.

To build a heritage

Another of the main reasons for investment in rental real estate in France is finally to constitute a lasting heritage.
In addition to the tax reduction and the perception of additional income, investing in real estate simply allows French investors to enjoy, in the long term, a wealth. Heritage is more durable because real estate is one of the investments least subject to economic deterioration. This wealth may, in due course, be passed on to the investor's entourage (which represents another advantage and another reason to invest).
Another possibility: resell the property, and enjoy the capital gain realized or passed on to those around him when the time comes.

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